Ombre Brows shading or powder brows technique is used to blend and add more definition to the brows. This technique gives you same look as a makeup, just depending on choices of colour it can either be very soft and natural or heavier makeup look. Suits most skin types.

Combo Brows can give you the best of both worlds – natural looking brows with a little more definition!

This innovative technique combines machine shading with manual microbladed hair strokes to create a multi-dimensional looking brow. It offers the best of both powdered and hairstroke effects combined together to achieve a fluffy, textured, yet defined brow.



A combination of the two offers the longest-lasting results for clients and is suitable for every skin type.

There are different variations of combination brows such as:

Signature Combo – A perfect combination of strokes from the front of the brow and at the top to give it the ultimate soft look and gently filling in the powder effect at the tail to define the arch.

Natural Combo – Keeping it super natural by Microblading the whole brow and adding soft shading in between the microbladed hair strokes!

Bold Combo – Only has strokes in the front of brow and the rest of the body and tail is a powder/ombré effect.

Soft powder brow UK

Soft powder brow

If you already have full brows but are looking for more definition, my Soft Powder Brow is the ideal treatment. Helping to create the effect you would normally achieve with a brow pencil or powder, this customizable treatment can be adapted to suit your style. It offers a light fluffy edge that enhances any makeup look and ensures you achieve a naturally youthful appearance.

Hair stroke brow uk

Hair stroke brow

Hairstroke brows uses a fine needle to create the impression of natural hair strokes. These seamlessly blend into any existing hairs to add additional definition, thickness, or length.

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Combination eyebrows

Beautiful combination brows.This technique is amazing for any skin type or for someone who prefers a petite neat brow. These will heal into a soft tint look

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